Why Did I Start Midwifery Business Consultation?

Why Did I Start Midwifery Business Consultation?

Midwifery Business Consultation
Why Did I Start Midwifery Business Consultation

Midwifery Business Consultation has been created with mission of supporting midwives that are starting or improving their current practice. I had my own private birth center / home birth practice for years and really was dragged down by how little I truly knew about business ownership. I had the drive and passion to serve families in my community, but lacked the business knowledge to navigate the tax deductible, legal system, policies, asset protection, budgets, negotiating with insurance companies, marketing, training staff, and growing practice at a smooth pace.

I became very burnout from ever increasing demands on my work and personal life for running a busy practice. I was working 80-100 hours a week and making less and less money for practice as time went on. My inefficient systems set up in the beginning could handle a slower volume, but wasn’t prepared to morph into the next level it needed to be. My house of cards under my fell and I crumbled. I closed the practice and need to do some healing from the trauma running a midwifery practice had done to me.

Midwifery Business Consultation wanted other midwives to more successful than me. I truly believe that midwives only serve 1-2% of our population not from lack of demand, but professional burnout and lack of business education midwives have. Most schools don’t teach you about business and skills required to be an entrepreneur. I had just learned hard knocks and it kicked my butt. I am a fighter and wasn’t going to let it get me down. I have taken hundreds, probably thousands, of hours of business, tax, legal, negotiation, communication, marketing, and professional development courses. I am always learning and found the skills required to run a successful business in today’s ever changing environment.

Midwifery Business Consultation wants to help other midwives create strong foundations for their practices, get creative of ways to bring their established practices to the next level, and have hundreds of midwifery practices that thrive all over the United States and world! We can better our communities with business resources and business plans that support the ups and downs of health care today. We can support women and have strong profit margins while cover overhead expenses. Creating a strong mission and staff culture that loves where they work and excited to care for families for the long haul is what you want in your midwifery practice. Being able to run the practice and attend births on your terms, versus the business’ terms is essential to prevent burnout.

As I said earlier, my practice was determining how I ran things, not me. I was taking more and more clients each month to cover overhead costs versus truly understanding tax strategies and getting better reimbursement for care I was already giving. I don’t want you to go down that path. Let me help you start a stellar practice in your home town that you can be proud of and flourish in! I do complimentary business consultation to discuss your specific needs and see if there is a game plan we can put together to prioritize your needs and make that strong business foundation.

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