Where to Buy Midwifery Supplies?

Where to Buy Midwifery Supplies?

As a midwife, there is so much to think about with clinical training, business planning, market analysis, and ordering supplies. We have so many things to do and love to not “rework the wheel.” I have pulled together my favorite midwifery supply resources over the years. I have found some sites are better for traditional birth supplies while others are better for day to day office operation supplies. I tend to buy in bulk for items that can be stored and not expire while looking for the best deal in town!

In His Hand Birth Supplies, Precious Arrows, Birth with Love, Everything Birth, and Cascade Health Care Products are where I order traditional midwifery supplies like instruments, birth equipment, prenatal care supplies, newborn care equipment, and major clinical purchases. Birth International tended to be used for training student and birth assistants. Waterbirth International and Waterbirth Solutions were nice for tub supplies and purchasing birth center construction tubs. Seacoast Medical was my main source for medications and supplements available. 

Anything less midwifery focused and general use like pads, cleaning supplies, and office supplies were Office Max, Walmart, Ebay, Hobby Lobby, and local dollar stores. I would highly recommend not using Ebay for larger used items that are hard to find unless you know the seller and reputation is strong. I can’t tell you how many times I tried ordering used ultrasound equipment, non stress machines, and dopplers wishing I would have just bought new in the first place. With things that are time sensitive use and need reliability, encourage get warranty and pay for good quality brands.

Create a relationship with frequently used sites. Get to know a specific rep in customer service and you will get frequent deals, discounts, and coupons sent your way by email. Take advantage of comparing competition and not assuming when restocking a supply that the same vendor is still the cheapest. I had a spreadsheet that included all of our practice’s constantly re-ordered supplies and possible places to order from. Office Manager knew to check all possible site for price and quantity comparison. Loved the sites that did free shipping and made sure we had a larger storage room to hold extra items for those bulk purchases. Think big picture and long term when buying supplies. If something doesn’t go bad, paying the more up front price for bulk purchases to get a lower per item costs in long run. Find other midwives in the area that will purchase item in bulk with you. Spread the savings to your midwfiery community. Every penny you save off the overhead operating expenses is more money in your pocket when pay checks are being distributed!


Midwifery Equipment Suppliers

  1. In His Hands Birth Supplies


  1. Cascade Health Care Products


  1. Precious Arrows


  1. Birth International


  1. Birth With Love


  1. Everything Birth


  1. Seacoast Medical

https://www.seacoastmedical.com/ http://www.birthwithlove.com/