What is a Midwife Business Consultant?

What is a Midwife Business Consultant?

Midwife Business Consultant

A midwife business consultant is a person who specializes in improving practice revenue, efficiency, and utilization of resources. The topics that can be discussed are billing and coding, start up budgets, accounting, taxes, liability risks, business plan, policies, supplies, training staff, resources, and so much more!

what is a midwife business consultant 

A midwife business consultant helps you in whatever capacity your needs are. It is taking your needs and helping you develop or take your midwife business to the next level. At an initial visit, we would analyze what you want to do, what are your challenges, and what are your goals for our services at Midwifery Business Consultation

A team plan would be made to get your goals accomplished. Everyone’s budget and needs are different. Some people have a low funding for start up and are looking at money options to get their business going. We can talk about ways to create a powerful business plan to present to a bank for a Small Business Loan or a financial backing business partner to get your dream midwife birth center going.

Consultation Recommendations

 We could make a one time call to get simple questions answered or make a timeline over next 3, 6, or 12 months of where you want to be and goals to help make that happen. Our expert knowledge and experience will be available to brainstorm and create an individualized plan to make your midwifery business successful and exactly what you had envisioned it would be.

Everyone is in a different place with their practice. Some people have been established for a long time, but getting burnt out from less and less income while time at office is increasing. Professional burnout is a huge challenge and I want midwives to be passionate about midwifery everyday without dread of business pressure dragging down their birth vibes. I went through a year of professional burnout and don’t want any midwife to go down that dark path.

More Knowledge More Financial Gains 

When looking at the costs of any supply or service in business and life, consider the return on investment rule. Whatever time or money you are putting into something should be at least that amount but goal is so much more. Knowledge is truly power. Money can come and go, but knowledge stays with you forever.

Even if the financial kickback isn’t tomorrow, look at the long term financial gain of learning from other midwife’s mistakes and business hiccups that costs clients to care for and thousands of dollars in revenue. Think of all your valuable time being focused on the patient versus learning every business aspect of midwifery clinic side. Our expert knowledge can help accelerate your profits and success.

We would love to help you at any level you are at. I have worked in a large hospital with high risk women, small community based hospital with limited resources, private home birth practice, private birth center, private women’s health clinic, and done extensive administration midwifery roles. With our combined minds, we will create and grow your midwifery business to a level you didn’t even think was possible!

Checkout our amazing teachable courses here at www.midwiferybusinessconsultation.teachable.com