Water Birth: Unique Midwife Business Marketing Tool

Water Birth: Unique Midwife Business Marketing Tool

Water Birth

So many women see a You Tube Video for water births and WANT IT. The peace, the calmness are mythical birth experiences with water. Anything that makes birth more blissful is in demand!

Women start to call their local hospitals and doctors to ask about having a water birth and most in the United States typical care options will say not allowed. Women start to Google search in area water birth and find out that out of hospital births, typical home births are their answers. Water birth is a huge marketing tool to stress benefits for mother and baby of this unique experience mostly offered with midwives.

Water births are a midwives mojo as far as stressing power of water and natural childbirth options. Water is a HUGE pain management option to discuss. I had two water home births and can really vouch for the power of water during labor. Natural childbirth is available in the hospital and some places even have tubs to labor in. Few hospitals and mainstream birth options offer deep soaking tubs and birthing in the water. Take advantage of this for marketing.

Place articles, You Tube Videos, and testimonials from clients about their water birth experience. Birth Centers have a classic, massive tub with a beautiful tile background for women in their birthing rooms that are the focal point of websites, marketing pictures, and branding.

When running a business, think about the unique services you have that your competition doesn’t have. Hospitals and main stream birth options rarely offer water births. This is a strong marketing tactic to use with public awareness of your practice (whether home or birth center practice). Use the power of water!

We created the course, Tips for Running a Successful Midwifery Practice, to teach you all you need to know about being a midwife.