Starting a Midwifery Home Birth Practice

Starting a Midwifery Home Birth Practice

How To Create a Home Birth Practice?


Creating a home birth practice does take time and planning. You need to make a business plan, figure out what your start up costs will be, what staff you will need short term and long term, what midwifery regulations you need to adhere to, and how many women each month you would need to deliver to cover operating overhead costs. There is so much to think about and it takes months to prepare and create the home birth practice vision.

There are so many policies for office and clinical practice to create. Having a reserve of funds to cover starting up until first payment for care comes in (whether that is cash towards end of pregnancy from family or insurance reimbursement after birth). Can you see women on your off day while still keeping that hospital midwifery job? Will it violate your employment contract? What time of business entity should you apply for?

Knowing how much to have for marketing and what steps that will look like are really important in your business plan. Will you be doing mostly referrals (takes time and slower option)? Will you make business cards, flyers, and newspaper ad? Facebook is a great, cost effective way to promote your midwifery practice.

Who is your competition in the area? What are the needs like? Do you have a collaborating physician already in place? What do your state regulations say about midwives running their own private practices? There are usually so many more questions than answers in the beginning, but have faith. 

Take each task day by day and make a timeline of your home birth practice opening goals. Timelines of what needs to be accomplished each month will really help keep you on track and see the progress actively happening.

Another great way to accelerate your home birth practice opening is hire a business consultant that specializes in midwifery (like us). It will save you hundreds of hours creating policies, business plan, budgets, and legal agreements with our already made templates available. Why re-work the wheel of success when other midwives have already figured out the best ways to run a home birth practice. 

Let our experts help you accelerate your timeline of opening and being your own boss! Your midwifery home birth practice will save countless headaches, late nights, and valuable time could be spent with family using the knowledge we have gained over the years about business and finances!


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