Scarcity Versus Abundance Mindset

Scarcity Versus Abundance Mindset

Scarcity Versus Abundance Mindset

A scarcity mindset versus abundance mindset are two contrasting perspectives that individuals may hold regarding resources, opportunities, and life in general. These mindsets can significantly impact a person’s approach to challenges, success, and overall well-being.

If you think you are poor and won’t be successful in life, you are right. If you think that nothing can stop you and anything is possible in life, you are right as well. As midwives, we may think that United States maternity system is against midwifery and too tough to practice here. That is your limited belief. I see the midwifery minority as being less competition and HUGE demands for my midwifery services.

Scarcity Versus Abundance Mindset

Do you look at your glass half empty or half full? It is the same glass, but your minds PERCEPTION of life and situations determines how “good or bad things are.” We create our own realities. Your weight, your professional position, and financial capabilities were created by our conscious and subconscious thought processes. When a stressful situation occurs, do you get nervous and avoid the challenge? Do you love the fear and jump at the opportunity to learn something new?

Look at your Personal Goals, Values, and Wisdom

 Are you where you want to be or are there things in life missing? Are you the type of midwife you want to be? Are you working for yourself in a dream business? Positive attitudes and affirmations really change our opportunities in life. If people walk around complaining all the time and fearful of “what ifs,” negative energy and circumstances will find you. If you want more money, instead of budgeting, use your amazing creativity and find other ways to make funds to pay of debt and enjoy hobbies you love.

Gratitude journals, finding the best in any situation, and really appreciate the little things in life will really help your joy and prosperity in life. Money doesn’t make a person happy. A positive mental state makes people happy. What do you want to accomplish in life? How do you view your life situations?

Goals and rewards for accomplishing them really show progress to your end results as being possible. 

You want a new car, visualize and plan to how that car will be in your driveway. Pick up extra shifts. Look at your financial statements and find holes where money is being lost for silly things like subscriptions no longer using. Come into work with a positive mindset and ways to create value for the organization or your business. Those additional gestures will get you recognized, rewarded, and accelerated up the promotion ladder.

Family, friends, and co-workers will want to be around you more and wonder what supplement you are taking to make you so “high on life.” Scarcity mindset feeds fear and shrinks the minds potential. Abundance makes people look at the world with a lens of unlimited opportunities. The creativity part of the brain expands and finds opportunities to improve processes, fix problems, and contribute to the great good of society. The more applied knowledge and value created, the more opportunities will be presented to you in life.

I have a perfect example, I used to live in fear and worry all the time. I have worked really hard to keep my anxiety in check and avoid tough conversations. As I shifted my mind more towards abundance and possibilities, I didn’t fear the unknown, I found opportunities with value needed to midwives and business support, and now really living my dream of helping women in the masses with supporting their midwifery practices.

You can do ANYTHING you want and dream. 

Find the barriers and overcome them. Life is too short to be stressing over the little things. Read everyday. Continue to stimulate your brain and challenge your thought processes. `Be humble and understanding to your fellow man. We all have good intentions and want to make this place better for the next generation.

I am a person that likes control and would get so frustrated when I couldn’t control health care systems, insurance reimbursement rates being less for midwives than doctors, and midwives not getting the local and national recognition they deserve. I have learned to focus on what I can control. I can control my voice, my knowledge being spread to the masses, and advocating for normal birth one person at a time. 

By improving business knowledge to midwives, I am able to help make professional careers longer, more fulfilling, more profitable, and be able to take are of women better. What is your superpower? How do you look at the world around? I challenge you today to look closely at the world and how your mind is processing that information. Are you focusing on negative, poor me mentality or are you going to face the challenges of each day and triumph over them?