Promoting Good Work Health Habits

Promoting Good Work Health Habits

Good Work Health Habits

As a Director, there are many responsibilities on your shoulders. Part of that role is promoting health of your patients and staff alike. We are with women, our staff will mostly be women and they need support too! Make sure everyone is getting a break. Have flavored water containers in waiting area and staff lounge for refreshing flavored hydration. Have drinking challenges and mini weight watcher competitions to help each person reach their personal goals for health. 

Support each other with achievements and accountability. Take walks during lunch breaks in your parking lot. Music that is upbeat and lifting makes everyone’s day go better playing in the waiting room. Consider essential oils that are less likely to be nauseating to clients (lavender tends to work well) diffusing on the counter.

Promoting Good Work Health Habits

Promoting Health

Having pictures and posters of positive words and images will bring everyone’s spirits up. Bright colors on a dreary day will make anyone smile. Humor and laughter are great ways to lighten the mood on a crazy Monday. Have a daily joke on the staff communication board to people to read when getting regular updates on progress.

Have quarterly staff retreats that engage your team on a Friday night. Have art classes, weekly yoga and meditations for community to attend. Put a “penalty” in their contract if vacation ISN’T being used. Make your work Christmas party memorable and people will talk about it for the next year. Make a detailed point that your mission is to help women as patients and caregivers alike.

Find counselors and life coaches in area to network their services at your office. Create positive work environments where stress is low and satisfaction is high. Happy employees are long term, productive employees. Interviewing and retraining staff gets expensive. Doing a few extra rewards and making a budget for positive parties will go a long way on your business’s budget.

Have regular meetings, so staff can openly discuss their concerns and suggestions for improvements with practice. Be approachable and your team will be honest with you about their wishes and ideas of good work health habits.