Power of Positive Ratings

Power of Positive Ratings

Power of Positive Rating

Whether it is Yelp, Google, Facebook, or your website’s direct testimonials, reviews can be help or hurt your midwifery business. Referrals and recommendations is the greatest free advertising you can have. Encourage women and their families (husbands, parents, and siblings) to put feedback in writing to use for marketing material.

Have them spout your praises on the world wide web. So many people research a provider with reviews, website content, and services far before making their first appointment. Make your presence a consistently positive brand they see. Spend the time doing raffles, asking families after birth to spend a couple minutes while emotions are fresh about their experience with your practice.

If there were concerns presence, allow for criticism and make sure that improvements are attempted to avoid that feeling by clients again. Families like to know their good and bad opinions matter and are making change in the community.

A Review is Only as Great as its Response

The right response can make a 5-star review even more powerful and minimize the damage of a negative review. When responding to reviews, both negative and positive, take some tips from these businesses. There are many ways to respond to reviews. By being creative and personable, people know you are a real person and truly care. 

Having a response out quickly allows for direct communication that public can see you are actively trying to fix their concerns with your business. Using humor in this line of work is a bit tougher, but food industry does it all the time. Positive feedback should be cherished and recognized. Reward your staff for positive reviews.

When negative reviews occur, offer to follow-up privately. Even the most frustrated customer is not necessarily a lost cause. When you receive a scathingly negative review, try to avoid responding defensively, as this only escalates the issue.

Reviews are very powerful marketing tools. Use them to maximize your exposure in a good way. Get your brand out there faster with having your clients talk about your amazing care. Midwives are busy for a reason, women talk about our services to their friends all the time!

Check our course on Marketing Essentials For Midwives to know more about how you can succeed in your midwifery business.

power of positive rating