Power of Having a Life Coach for Midwives

Power of Having a Life Coach for Midwives

The term “life coach” refers to someone who will be there to help you in the hard-hitting and challenging moments of your life and who is capable of guiding you through the process and leading you to see things in a different way as well as refine your strategy to reach your main goal. The majority of us are stuck in our own ways; unless another individual helps us see things clearly and helps us understand, we are often not aware of the factors that could be hindering us. It’s an enormous task to tackle this on your own. In that regard, here are 5 reasons you need a life coach if you’re serious about achieving success in whatever you’re striving for. 

Reasons Why You Need a Life Coach as a Midwife


  1. You have trouble sticking to the plan in achieving your goals

For many people, reaching targets and sticking to the plan isn’t easy. It’s not only the art of setting goals that they find challenging but actually following through. A life coach can assist you not only in setting your goals but also in finding strong, sufficient reasons why you need to succeed in the first place. Aside from that, A life coach can give you a fresh view of what you may have missed out on, why you’re not capable of achieving the huge objectives you’ve set previously, as well as how you can organize your life in a way that empowers you instead of holding your back. They can also serve as an accountability partner, standing by your guidelines step-by-step to help you see things from a different angle.

2. Limiting beliefs stops you

It is often difficult to keep up with our goals in our lives because, in our minds, there are limiting beliefs that keep us behind. Life coaches are crucial in helping you determine the limitations of your beliefs to help you push ahead instead of feeling behind. For instance, if you’ve always been told that you’re a big-boned person and have been telling people the same story for years and years, how can you be sure that you’ll lose some significant weight? That belief that you’ve told yourself over and over will affect your capacity to actually follow through. A life coach can identify this limiting belief and will help you beat it. 

 3. You don’t know where to start with improving your life

Sometimes we aren’t sure how to start. We get caught up in the idea of success and we know that we’d like to accomplish something but feel overwhelmed and helpless, which is why we don’t know where to begin. Perhaps it’s because it’s not something we believe that we are worthy of or it could be a different reason, but we aren’t sure where or how to start. The sheer magnitude of huge goals can sometimes overwhelm us. It’s difficult to stay focused on the issues when you’re not able to even overcome the feeling of being helpless and being overwhelmed by the idea of where to begin. Life coaches will assess your individual situation and help you to take the first step to pursue your goals.

 4. You are often anxious and stressed

Life can get stressful. I’m aware of the times I fell short repeatedly during some courses of my life, I experienced many of the stressful moments of my life. I was devastated beyond imagination. Although, I gained a lot from the experience of failure and having those constant emotional states become a regular feature within your life isn’t a good thing at all. If you take all our obligations that range from family to work and social life, it’s easy to understand why we are overwhelmed. It’s not a pleasant feeling, mostly when you feel like the walls are closing in upon you. Having perspectives and outside assistance of life coaching can help you overcome those depressing feelings.

 5. You feel alone and not supported by family and friends

It’s difficult to remain in the present and focus on what you want to achieve in the absence of the backing of those close to you. If your friends and family members don’t support your goals, it’s easy to forget about the larger perspective. If we’re constantly dealing with the negativity that surrounds us, what can we do to advance? Your life coach is there to help whatever. They serve as your helper. Even if your family and friends don’t support you, they’re there for you. Even though it’s not cheap, it’s well worth it. The knowledge and experience of life coaches can be an invaluable tool to help us to achieve our goals.

We sometimes don’t acknowledge these reasons and will just ask ourselves, why am I not doing good? What are the reasons why I constantly fail? Or What should I do to be successful? If you’ve started asking questions like this, a life coach can certainly help you.  This is my personal life coach for the last 5yrs, and she is an amazing support for midwives and birth workers. She really understands our challenges and how to balance all the demands of being in the world realm.  

power of having a life coach

Your Highest Light

Elizabeth Cermak, Life Coach & Counselor