New Online Courses with Midwifery Business Consultation

New Online Courses with Midwifery Business Consultation

With so many people on home quarantine, we have been really worked hard to get our online courses out sooner than scheduled! With barriers to going to midwifery conference and meetings, online education has been blowing up. There is such a need for education and in person conferences are a thing of the past. Online meetings and education will be the wave of the Covid-19 future (at least until a vaccination or herd immunity takes place). 

New Online Courses with Midwifery Business Consultation

This site was created to help midwives improve their business skills and create long lasting, sustainable midwifery practices. There is too much midwifery burnout, lack of business education, and barriers with regulations to make midwifery boom to the level it can in the United States. I truly believe that midwifery could be the mainstream normal option for childcare if we support each other and have financial education.

There will be many courses coming out the next few months. We have created a birth center course that goes into details about business side of birth center. Some of the topics discussed are business entities, marketing, liability insurance, budgets, business plans, business funds, supplies, staff training, policies, renovations, building leasing vs buying, and much more! This course is eight hours of detailed education with dozens of downloadable documents like contracts, marketing templates, sample policies, and sample budgets.

Based on the massive demand for the birth assistant documents for training team, just opened the birth assistant course. There is a great way to train your birth assistant while not doing a full day long training program. It gives your birth assistants home study option and then can fine tune their skills with great questions and drill prior to their first birth. 

Save time teaching birth assistants about HIPAA, hand hygiene, emergency care skills like newborn resuscitation, shoulder dystocia, and postpartum hemorrhage. This eight hour online course with numerous resources will really prepare any potential birth assistant with needed education to jump right into their first birth with your midwifery practice!

The upcoming courses will be billing and coding for midwifery, midwifery burnout, home birth midwifery practice, and marketing for midwives. If there are any courses you would like to see available, please don’t hesitate to message me and we can talk about your specific needs. Midwifery is becoming more and more online for continuing education.

 There is so much lacking for midwives specific to taxes, legal, business plans, and accounting. We are here to fill that need. Online courses about real business application will really help any midwife wanting to create a fulfilling, financial stable practice today.

Look through our series of great courses to learn about clinical and business resources for midwives!