NEVER Been a Better Time in History to Start a Midwifery Practice

NEVER Been a Better Time in History to Start a Midwifery Practice

Midwives have been around for thousands of years! Having consumers with all this knowledge at their fingertips and the world going through a pandemic has really made people go back to the basics of living. Safe, simple, and family oriented. Midwives are prime providers for that shift in mindset. We live in an age where starting a business isn’t fraction of the costs to twenty years ago. Marketing online barely costs anything, mostly time. We can access millions of people to spread our mission, message, and services.

Regulations and scope of practice rights are improving. States are giving more autonomy to midwives and birth centers so families can have access to birth options outside of the hospital. Insurance reimbursement barriers for out of hospital births are getting broken down. Legislature is recognizing the value of midwifery services.

Did I forget to mention that World Health Organization (WHO) has designated 2020 the year of the midwife? We are in a time where midwifery recognition is getting is time honored due. We are in a time when midwives can dream big and accomplish anything for their clients with creativity and determination. Our ever changing world is full of opportunity. Are you ready to be part of the massive demand or stay in your usual life routine?

Technology is allowing midwifery to be promoted, researched, and sought after at an unprecedented level. Media, blogs, and Facebook groups are constantly talking about how amazing midwifery care is. We have opportunities to join together internationally with social media to spread our wisdom, resources, and inspiration. Be part of the momentum of natural childbirth fever. The pandemic is having families simplify and focus on what matters most in life: family and safe birth options.

Talk with your local medical community. Collaborate with doctors and hospital administration to change empty hotel buildings into birth centers. Group with other midwives and create strong supportive practices that change the image of birth in your area. We are very lucky to have modern medicine and midwifery ancient skills so intertwined for birth options families can pursue. Take your dream of starting a practice and run with it. Follow your passion and fill the needs present in today’s maternity care system. Midwives can really have a massive impact on keeping low risk mothers and babies out of the hospital setting.

Take your leap into business ownership and build that midwifery practice that has been weighing on your mind for years now! We have an amazing future in the United States and world to help families get back to normal childbirth in a personalized, high quality model of care.