As most of us know, the morning is the most important part of each day. Human’s will power is at the higher levels when we wake up, and it gradually decreases as the day goes on. That’s why the morning habits you develop, are the ones that are going to contribute the most in your success (of any kind).

With that being said, let’s move on to our next keyword, habits. Habits are things, rituals, activities, that we repeatedly practice in our daily lives. As I like to say, our life is the repetition of all of our todays, and our todays are the total of all of the daily habits we develop and implement. That’s why our habits are so fundamental in our self-development and life success.

Most of us, are starting our day in a rush. Having slept late the night before, we set about 5-6 alarms in order to be able to snooze, and have an excuse to sleep a little longer, until we are left with 20 minutes to wake up, dress up and leave the house. We start our mornings with so much stress and overwhelm, that it makes it really unlikely to enjoy the rest of the day peacefully.

How would you feel if the first day of the year, you were filled with stress and anxiety? “Oh shit, if we started like that, what’s next?” Now imagine every single year getting in like that. With stress, no plans, no goals, no time to reassess and enjoy the entrance of the new era. Well, I hate to bring it to you, but that’s what you do every morning. And trust me, it’s worst that doing it in the first day of the year (that’s just one day anyways, a lot can happen).

Be proactive

When getting started on new habits and routine, it is so important to be proactive versus reactive. No one’s success came by luck. It happened because they made sure to do something different than the rest of the world. If you go through the day reacting to situations, that’s all you are going to do for the rest of your life. If you react to the alarm by snoozing it, studying last minute because you have a test tomorrow or starting taking care of your diet in May because summer is coming, then chances are you won’t be as successful as you want. Being proactive in the morning means setting intentions. Set your goals in mind from the day before and wake up right after the alarm rings. Read a book because you love learning new things. Workout because you want to be healthy all year long, not just for summer. Be proactive, and stop allowing life to chase after you!

Wake up naturally

There is a lot being said lately about waking up at 5 a.m. in the morning because you have to (I guess). I honestly think that this is so unnecessary. I mean, imagine waking up at 5 a.m. when all you have to do that day is, workout, put 4 hours of work on your blog and do some chores. There is no point.

Depending on what time you should start getting stuff done, I suggest waking up 1,5 to 2 hours earlier. With that being said, if you have to leave the house at 7, then yes, I highly recommend waking up at 5 a.m. in the morning. But if you start working at 9, then waking up at 7 is ideal. Even in the days that I literally have nothing to do, I like waking up at 8 a.m. It is my sweet spot. It is still early in the morning, which helps me connect with my natural rhythm, and it also gives me the whole entire day to be as productive as I please.

Taking one hour for yourself

It is really important to give time to yourself in the morning. Waking up in a slow rhythm helps deal with stress and reduces overwhelm for the rest of the day. I like to wake up, make my bed, do my skincare, take a shower and then read a book on my balcony while drinking coffee. I look forward to this ritual every-single-day. It is really important to stay away from your phone the whole time, it can be distracting and seriously take the shine away from yourself. It disconnects us, from us, and that’s said from personal experience.

In my worst days, I remember waking up in the morning, not even making my bed, eating a crappy breakfast and then laying in my bed watching Netflix ALL DAY. Now it is painful to even think about it. But it was a bad period of my life, that I went through, and now I am great as ever. Let me know in the comment section if you like to read my story on each topic that is being discussed. I feel like it becomes more real and honest that way, but your opinion matters a lot.


Getting through life without meditation, is like getting through your day without sleep. It might seem like an exaggeration, but unless you start practicing meditation daily, and harvesting it’s benefits, you won’t understand the importance. It’s like living in the city for years, not realizing the bustle and the noise, and then moving into a village, where all the peace and the bird tweets make it feel like a paradise, and you realize how horrible the city’s bustle was.

Set your body in motion

As we mentioned before, human’s will power is at the higher levels in the morning, and it gradually decreases as the day goes on. That’s why you should make sure to get the most challenging stuff done in the morning. Working out after a long day of working on my blog and going to college and studying feels impossible. Getting it done in the morning makes me feel accomplished and more relaxed, and at the same time it boosts my motivation to stay healthy for the rest of the day. Another great benefit is that it gives you a ton of energy and raises your mood, so I think that, that alone, can be a good enough reason to get it done early in the day.

Planning out your day

Making planning your day in the morning a habit, will definitely contribute to your success. As we mentioned, successful people are proactive, not reactive. They plan their life, and don’t wait last minute to get things done. Set goals in the morning, create a to-do list. Have a plan in place. Instead of trying to remember everything you have to do and stressing out, take a piece of paper and set your tasks in chronological order. There is so much power in that, your success is depending on it. You can’t succeed without a plan. Every day, is a small step closer to your dreams and your success, that’s why this habit is so important.