Midwives as Entrepreneurs

Midwives as Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship is an activity to create value through the introduction of business opportunitiesappropriate risk-taking management, and the mobilization of people, money, and other raw materials or resources required to produce projects that run smoothly. An entrepreneur, a salesperson, begins by offering ideas up to commodity services. He or she must understand business management as an independent business actor in the form of health services.

A midwife who opens an independent practice following their expertise can be called an entrepreneur (vocational entrepreneurship). Firmly held entrepreneurial principles can assist the midwife practice’s management in producing promising profits. Being a superior entrepreneur in the form of independent practice as a midwife can create jobs, particularly for entrepreneurs engaged in midwifery services.

Midwives, as independent business actors, must be capable of being managerial and business executors, as well as having the ability to make plans based on a vision that is strategically implemented and having good personal abilities to achieve success. Midwives are expected to be able to provide professional health services, manage service management, and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Opening an independent homebirth practice, trying to boost innovations in business management, starting with the existence of capital, medical devices, room arrangement, financial management, and others, so that the expected profit can be realized without reducing the quality of service provided given Opening a Midwife Practice is a form of community service, both from a social perspective and to apply the knowledge that is owned with the hope of increasing the degree of public health, especially maternal and child health.

Midwives as Entrepreneurs

Principles of Entrepreneurship for Midwives


The principles of entrepreneurship were expressed by Dhidiek D. Machyudin, Khafidlul Ulum, and Leonardus Saiman and refined into 14 principles, including

  1. Start and don’t be afraid to fail.
  2. Be full of enthusiasm.
  3. Creative and innovative,
  4. Be patient, persevering, steadfast,
  5. Optimistic,
  6. Building relationships and networks with fellow entrepreneurs,
  7. Acting calculating,
  8. Never giving up,
  9. Ambitious,
  10. Sensitive to the market,
  11. Doing business with ethical standards,
  12. Independent,
  13. Honest and
  14. Care for the environment is important in achieving the key to entrepreneurial success.

When starting a midwifery practice, you must never be afraid to fail, stand firm, and be ready to conquer the journey. You may encounter difficulties, but when you know why you started, nothing can beat a midwife’s dream.

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