Massive Paradigm Shifts in Midwifery Business Since Pandemic

Massive Paradigm Shifts in Midwifery Business Since Pandemic

A Paradigm Shift in Business is Often a Change of Perception or Method. 

A business’s long-term success depends on its ability to react well to major paradigm shifts. A business owner must organize their business in order to respond effectively to paradigm shifts. This means that you must eliminate the business frustrations that can keep owners bogged down in their daily routine.

Massive Paradigm Shifts in Midwifery Business Since Pandemic

These twin-terms, pre- and after pandemic, will be heard more often and perhaps for the rest your life. The events of 2020 will reverberate for decades, much like December 7, 1941, which is a date that lives in infamy because it was the beginning of a global generation. When I think of the pre/post bisect, I recall another book: “Paradigms” by Joel Barker. This is a classic work of a futurist. Joel did not invent the paradigm concept. However, his book and companion film helped to reestablish it in modern society.

Barker states that a paradigm is a set of rules that institutes limits within which we can learn how to succeed. The market is full of paradigms, many of which are very practical and almost innumerable. Some paradigms are as fundamental as human interaction itself, such as the handshake or the business paradigm of buy low, sell high and keep track. Some were even born today – we’ll get back to them in a moment.

How does it work to have multiple paradigms?

 It doesn’t always work – that’s the problem. Even our most loved paradigms, such as what we sell and how it is sold, don’t last forever. It almost never disintegrates, erodes, or atrophies after its life span. It changes. Barker said that when a paradigm changes, “… all goes back to zero.” Zero is another term for irrelevant.

We will see paradigm shifts as we move from the mid-pandemic wormhole to whatever is next. Every business owner must overlay what they did and how it was done, prior to the pandemic. “Back to zero” is now the New Regular Reality. Then ask your team: “How is our knowledge and love changing?” Will the product/process/practice we used last February still be relevant post-pandemic – as in tomorrow, or next February?”

Tiny Shifts: There will be many

Because of social distancing and changes in customer behavior, virtual and midwifery care paradigms will change. Visitors and labor support restrictions are insignificant compared to the paradigm shift in what is and is not essential for care. You can expect rude shifts in the old ways that you loved serving customers and how they were treated. Small paradigm shifts are common in the New Regular. Customers will need to stay close to you at all times. Ask, listen and confirm the changes you see. Small paradigm shifts need tiny adjustments. Make them often and quickly. Perfect is not the best friend when tiny paradigms are changing.

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