Little Touches Make your Midwife Business Stand out from the Rest

Little Touches Make your Midwife Business Stand out from the Rest

Being a midwife, we want to give phenomenal care and stand out from the competition. We want our services to be top on everyone’s search and have extensive waiting lists of families want to be part of our care. Your midwife business can be that successful with the proper planning and additional of little choices that have a huge impact in people’s minds. Running a midwife business isn’t just about mission statements and offering great service, it is about branding a marketing image that your practice can’t even be matched with other practices in the area.

What are other midwife and doctor offices already doing? Learn your competition. Know what is already done twenty times and what is lacking. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but could just be more time to use to provide a more personalized experience. I have seen birth centers really take advantage of some amazing touches like contract with a chef to make a great postpartum meal for mom and dad after baby is born. Have themes for Holiday seasons with decorations around birth center that are interactive for entire family. Kids are welcome at midwife visits and love to be part of the experience. Have them excited about coming to your office and we are changing an entire generations view points of what birth care should be like!

Having aromatherapy going that is safe during pregnancy. Calming colors and themes versus vibrant artwork helps entire family be less anxious during visits and birth. Have in your waiting room special teas for family members and snacks homemade and locally grown ingredients. Stand out with supporting other small businesses in area and knowing what healthy food our going into family’s mouths while during your care.

Music is very calming during visits and birth experience. Have in your midwife business relaxing and calming sounds in the background. Give your practice a spa like feeling. Have waves, birds singing, or rain forest sounds subtly playing in the background.

Create a resource board in your education room that local businesses supporting families can post their marketing material and educational handouts on ways to support a pregnant women and her baby. Changing up the information regularly will train families to check this board each visit into the office. Start a Facebook page that becomes a virtual support system for women in the community. It will help your marketing budget with this low cost marketing tactic. Referrals are powerful and a couple shares of your posts will get you new clients in no time at all.