Inspire Your Women with Home Birth Stories

Inspire Your Women with Home Birth Stories

Katelyn Fusco has created amazing resources for home birth clients. She has created a podcast that does birth stories from women all over the country that delivered in the home setting. Want to give your ladies more than book resources, Katelyn’s virtual community support is like no other. She has Facebook groups for home birth clients to learn from each other, childbirth education courses specifically for home birth clients, and so much more.

Happy Homebirth is a brand and podcast dedicated to inspiring and explaining how to have a homebirth. The goal? To provide a source of continuous support, encouragement and education for women considering giving birth in the comfort of their own homes. This is a safe space for our community to ban together, celebrate our successes, cherish our stories and find other like-minded women to lean on.

Happy Homebirth is a shout from the mountaintops: You deserve a safe, mindful peaceful birth! You deserve to know all of the birthing options available to you! So often women are made to think they have no choice in the matter of birth.

Uncertain of anything beyond the walls of the hospital, 98% of women are giving birth in the cold, florescent lights of a building dedicated to sickness. Happy Homebirth exists as a lighthouse for the women of our generation. No, giving birth at home is certainly not for everyone, but every woman deserves to know that it is often a safe alternative to the typical impersonal care given in over-crowded hospitals.

This homebirth podcast encourages our community to ban together. We should celebrate our successes, cherish our stories and find other like-minded women to confide in. Not too long ago, women leaned upon one another for childbirth, breastfeeding, and motherhood in general. It cannot be denied: Our culture has shifted over time to viewing birth as a medical emergency. Because of this shift, the art of female to female support and encouragement, especially around birth and motherhood, has degraded. Just as Ina May Gaskin improved birth through not only attendance, but also her sharing of birth stories, the goal of this homebirth podcast is to reestablish the lost legacy of traditional female support.

Katelyn has been both a homebirth mother and student midwife. Because of this, she has seen birth from many angles and knows the importance of a supported mother. The goal of this homebirth podcast is to compile the beautiful stories of women around the country and world. These women have shared in the sacredness of giving birth at home, and they hope to help Katelyn provide a solid foundation for women journeying into pregnancy and birth: whether for the first of fifteenth time. Katelyn has been lucky enough to be surrounded by a community of mothers who have helped her along her journey into motherhood. Because of this support, it is her goal through Happy Homebirth to create this same kind of kindred tribe that transcends location.

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