How to Decide What Midwife Services to Offer

How to Decide What Midwife Services to Offer

Midwife Services to Offer

Most women choose to be midwives to help women during birth. I chose this profession after watching a birth channel on TV and learning about midwifery. It was only after years of practice that I REALLY understood all the midwife services to offer.

MidwifeServices to offer

Niche service

I can choose to care for a woman in her entirety or to just provide a niche service like breastfeeding, newborn care, infertility, urinary incontinence, primary care, women’s health, pregnancy, postmenopausal care, hormonal replacement therapy, consultation service, legal consultation, teaching, administration, research, or government policy implementation. Midwives also have the ability to receive extra training so they can offer more services like ultrasound procedures, circumcisions, endometrial biopsies, colposcopies, Nexplanon insertions and removals, non-stress tests, and alternative therapies.

In your practice, will you offer as many services as possible, or will you choose to focus on a couple of key themes? Do you want to work in a clinic setting, hospital setting, or community setting? It’s important to know what type of midwife you want to be and how available you will be for your clients. The birth call requires 24/7 availability for yourself or your midwife team. Clinic and administration work only requires certain hours on weekdays, and there are no additional requirements for nights, weekends, or holidays.

Ancillary Services 

Some birth centers will add spa services, boutique stores within the clinic, or ancillary services like doula support, massage, educational classes, and Family Practice Nurse Practitioners (FP NP) to help with overhead administration costs. The FP NP cares for newborns after one month of life (stopping the scope of CNM). They can care for partners and other children in the family. Many consumers really like the “one-stop shop” mentality of convenience and a similar philosophy of care for the entire family, not just the mother and baby.

There are some huge decisions to be made when you are thinking about what kind of services to offer at your midwifery practice. Planning is the key to any midwifery business’s success. We would love to help with your business plan personalization with our business consultation services. Give us a call today!

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