Running a Successful Business

As midwives, we LOVE to care for women and support the birth process!  But, we are never trained to run a successful business.  A few are fortunate to have a great business mentor to learn from, while many learn by mistakes and grow their practices slowly with their own time, cash, and passion. I want to accelerate your success and help you create ANY dream practice you desire.  It is totally possible to serve the community and your personal goals at the same time.

running a successful business

I am so driven by the immense possibilities we as midwives have in today’s health care environment.  Now has there never been a better time to start a midwifery practice with post-Covid-19 demands for normal birth support outside of the hospital setting.  Whether you want to create a home birth practice, birth center, hospital practice, women’s health clinic, or niche midwifery services in your area, it is completely possible with the right planning, resources, and ambition to see those dreams become a reality. 

Anything is Possible 

 The common myths I hear running a successful business midwives say can easily be overcome if you know how to get past those barriers (funding for practice, good work/life balance, profit margins to support your family, and truly fulfilling your mission without the insurance reimbursement rates determining your practice quotas).

Spend the next week really thinking about where you want your life to be in 1 year, 5 years, or even 10 years.  Do you want to be where you are now or do you have a different vision of the perfect life?  If you aren’t comfortable with your current situation, change it by creating a vision board, business plan, and strategic outlook to reference while you are pursuing that life’s purpose practice.

What does your ideal client look like?  What practice environment do you want to be surrounded by?  What services do you want to offer?  How often do you want a day off or vacation?  What hobbies have been pushed off in your life?  How much money do you want coming in each month to feel comfortable?  These are all great questions to ponder and really contemplate how can I create that dream practice and life I want.

Here are Some Tips for Running a Successful Business:


1. Examine Your Life (Midwifery and Personal): Take a hard look at things you do regularly. Make a list of 10 things you do regularly whether they are “right” or “wrong.”  Then ask yourself, why do I do these things (try to get to the root cause)?  For example, if you wrote work on your list, ask yourself why you go there (is it to pay the bills or some other reason?).

2. Identify the Things on Your List You Like and want to Keep: What makes you happy and what makes you sad on this list?  What is missing on this list that you wish was part of your daily life?

3. Embrace the Power of Exceptional Habits: change comes with changing habits around  mindset, money, and lifestyle (if you don’t recognize your habits, they will continue to run your daily life and keep you on the same path you are currently on)

4. Reverse Engineer the Life (Personal and Midwifery) You Dream of Having:

-Dream Big

-Who has the Life You are Looking for?

-How did that person get that Life?

-Turn your Dreams into Personal and Professional Development Goals: in writing &
reference them often

-Break those goals down into mini-goals


Midwives can serve so many families and truly on their own terms if the proper planning, resources, and mindset is implemented. I would love to help you create your dream lifestyle plan and make that stellar business plan that will get the funding and future you have always dreamed of!

We created the course, Tips for Running a Successful Midwifery Practice, to teach you all you need to know about being a midwife. 

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