Happy Babies Have Happy New Mommas

Happy Babies Have Happy New Mommas

I know as being a midwife it is so important to have mothers getting good rest after having a baby. We can give suggestions about family support, taking naps with the child, and supporting the newborns needs like nursing, skin to skin, and routines. I found out about the role of sleep consultant and how I feel ANY midwife should have this referral part of their routine list of services.

Jayne Havens, Certified Sleep Consultant with Snooze Fest, has taught me so much about ways to help mothers with short- and long-term transition needs of babies. Midwives scope of practice is only first month of life, so having a Sleep Consultant to recommend to families at the six-week postpartum visit is truly a blessing.

Each sleep consultant determines what services they would like to offer, but really loved the focus and philosophy of Jayne’s practice. She serves the entire US and does most of her services by phone and online meetings. Babies struggle with sleep for lots of reasons: over-tiredness, overstimulation, inability to self-soothe, physical discomfort, uncomfortable sleeping conditions, hunger, or even a growth spurt. When a baby isn’t sleeping, their parents aren’t sleeping either. Luckily, help is available and it is absolutely possible to get your child to sleep better!

Jayne really focuses on a holistic approach to why your kiddo isn’t sleeping well. She can help with newborn after a couple months of nursing and few years old adjusting to weaning naturally and stopping co-sleeping. I have really enjoy learning from Jayne and all the great resources she has created for families and people considering becoming a Certified Sleep Consultant.

Jayne works one-on-one with parents to help them create a plan to achieve consistent, restorative sleep for their baby, and for themselves. With unique expertise in infants’ and children’s sleep habits, and a variety of tools to help coach and support parents, Jayne is an invaluable resource for tired families.

Another great service that Jayne offers is training Certified Sleep Consultant. Her training is national recognized. She has great support groups to help with training and start their own private practices. Jayne’s gifts to teach the clinical and business side of Sleep Consultant really stands out from other consultants in the country. I would highly recommend getting a birth assistant and doula trained on your team to help families postpartum with newborn transition.

Midwives can really benefit from collaborating or training a Certified Sleep Consultation to be on your staff to increase services and profit opportunities with your business. Our goal is to help families connect with the experts that support the family unit in our community. With the world wide web, our community opportunities to send families to has really expanded. I would highly would recommend connecting with Jayne Havens and learning more about how a Certified Sleep Consultant can benefit your clients and practice.

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