Finding the Right Midwifery Marketing Partner

Finding the Right Midwifery Marketing Partner

Finding the right midwifery marketing partner 

With thousands of firms to choose from, selecting the most qualified partner can be a long and arduous journey. We at Longview Strategies have met with multiple stakeholders and have heard similar insights throughout their decision-making process. If you are currently tasked with choosing the right marketing fit to accelerate and promote your company’s brand, we’ve compiled our key considerations to help you identify and select a midwife marketing partner.

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Set clear objectives to understand what success means to your organization. 

It’s relatively easy to say that you need marketing help, but it’s difficult to find the right partner unless you know what you’re looking to accomplish. Setting clear objectives will help in navigating the waters of the digital world to find the right marketing partner. From our early conversations with CEOs, CMOs, and other key stakeholders, we’ve gained insights into a variety of objectives.

These include:

  • Strategically positioning your messaging
  • Laying the creative foundation for a brand refresh
  • Growing credibility as an industry thought leader
  • Broadening brand awareness with a greater digital presence
  • Expanding and connecting with new audiences

Based on your objectives, find a midwife marketing partner who will strategically and tactically execute to make a demonstrable impact. The most successful marketing partnerships provide you with:

  • A comprehensive audit of your current messaging and marketing initiatives
  • Deep dive into your business goals using a design thinking methodology
  • A strategic lens to develop a marketing plan with tailored recommendations
  • A systematic approach to launching digital campaigns
  • A clear pathway and open forum to discuss new ideas and address any concerns

The right firm doesn’t just know marketing. They know your midwifery business. 

Not all marketing firms are created alike. The marketing firm that you work with should have experience in your industry and with companies in the same size or revenue range. Ranging from local boutiques to nationwide agencies, determine the type of agency that knows your industry. For example, here at Longview, we specialize in three verticals: financial services, sustainability/ESG, and professional services.

As the landscape changes in your industry, your marketing firm will need to understand the internal intricacies among your stakeholders and targeted audience to propel your marketing initiatives forward. Our team at Longview is comprised of marketing experts in the fields of financial servicessustainability/ESG, and professional services.

Define partnership roles and expectations.

It’s important to define the level of involvement and time you’d like to commit to your midwife marketing initiatives. Some marketing firms provide full-service involvement with your feedback and approvals as required. Others bring a more collaborative approach where weekly meetings may be needed. At Longview, we customize the level of involvement depending on the program and campaign. For example, our Accelerator program includes a weekly meeting to gather information, present milestones, and discuss feedback. For annual marketing plans, we like to meet with clients on a monthly basis with open communication and availability to meet for questions and additional requests. Find a marketing team that compliments your role and a team that will work with your expected level of involvement.

Leverage tactical experience to play to your midwifery organization’s strengths.

Does your team get excited by getting interviewed by a journalist? Or are they more apt to bring a creative eye to a report or digital ad? Your organization’s strengths will likely play a role in how tactical initiatives are executed. Marketing tactics come in a variety of shapes and sizes and no two initiatives are ever alike. Your selected marketing firm will work with you to leverage tactical experience and recommend content that compliments your organization’s strengths. Using a quarterly campaign strategy, we at Longview identify themes that resonate with your networks to capture the best of your business. 

Finding the right “fit” in a marketing firm may seem overwhelming. If you’re looking for a strategic marketing and communications partner who will work relentlessly to tell your unique midwifery story through consistent, smart, and targeted content, design, and branding, you’re in the right place.

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