Emotional Fingerprint: Powerful Midwife Business Marketing Tool

Emotional Fingerprint: Powerful Midwife Business Marketing Tool

There are many Resources and Guides out There. 

This one particular Midwife Business Marketing Tool has done leaps and bounds to complete my personal and professional goals. When I did some soul searching and restructuring of my life, I sought guidance from Woody Woodward and did his professional consultation services.

 It really helped me hone my sense into what my personal driving motives were and learning how to find out other people’s personal passions from conversations. If I could train my brain to instantly find other people’s driving motivational influence, I could negotiate better deals, create more value for that person faster, and get myself more value from opportunities that ever before.

Woody Woodward’s book, “Emotional Fingerprint,” opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. Do on to other’s what THEY WANT DONE TO THEM (don’t treat them as I would want to be treated).

A powerful new program showing you how to succeed in your life, relationships, and career based on your Emotional Fingerprint


Just as our bodies have a custom DNA code for the way we’re put together and the way our bodies respond to certain stimuli, so do our emotions. Our emotional fingerprint is made up of seven personally identifiable characteristics—aspects of life that make us feel important and fulfilled. This book shows exactly how to determine your own unique emotional fingerprint (and those of others in your life) and leverage its power to find happiness and success in your life.

  • Build and strengthen your resolve to take control of your life, revolutionize your relationships, and beat the odds
  • Discover how to turn any negative situation into a positive experience
  • Learn the secret to instantly changing your mood and outlook for the better
  • Master your emotional highs and lows
  • Understand the choices you make and why you make them
  • Written by an internationally acclaimed behavioral expert

Understand your emotional makeup as never before with the help of Your Emotional Fingerprint— and use it to make the most of your life, your career, your relationships, and your future.

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