Creating a Magnificent Midwifery Website

Creating a Magnificent Midwifery Website

Your website is typically what sets the first impression of your brand, mission, and services. Having the proper name, content, pictures, and accessibility is HUGE! Search Engine optimization with certain words on your site, blogs, and Facebook postings will get you found. When someone is looking for a midwife in your area, you want your website to be top on their Google search engine list.

Every time a service key word is mentioned on your website, Google has an algorithm that can pick it up. The longer a site is present, more content that is regularly updated, and accurate practice demographics like address and phone number will rank your site higher for consumers to find.

Do you want the site to be bold, feminine, professional, contemporary, flashy, or standard? GoDaddy has some affordable start up website design templates. There is always an option to hire a website builder. Benefit with an expert is knowing how to flow your site to keep people engaged and more likely to call for an appointment.

Make sure your staff’s skills, passion, and services are clearly found on the site. Having an electronic scheduling system for patient’s to not have to call the office will increase likelihood of scheduling. Convenience and accessibility are huge in marketing.

Having a site that can be converted into a cell phone, tablet, or ipad device makes people more likely to continue viewing your content. Even if a person is referred to your website by a past happy customer, extensive research is performed online before first appointment call is made. People want to know testimonials are static, experience and credibility is present, and easy accessibility is available.

Whether you spend one hundred dollars or thousands of dollars, make sure your website is relevant, user friendly, and kept up to date. Your presence on the world wide web says a lot about you. Make sure it is saying what you want it to say!