Caring for Women during a Pandemic

Caring for Women during a Pandemic

So much has changed in last couple months. Covid-19 has really affected everyone’s lives and how we care for families. Midwives and birth center practices are drastically increasing in volume due to families wanting to stay out of the hospital setting. Practices are having to purchase additional PPE supplies are high prices compared to just four months ago. TeleHealth is common practice for visits.

If you would told me six months ago the entire world was going to be changed forever, I would have told you were nuts. We all had no idea how quickly and daily things can change with caring for mothers and babies. It is so hard to keep up with current recommendations when CDC and WHO change them often. Evidence is limited with this new virus and so little is known.

Instead of dwelling on all the things we don’t know and all the negatives with this pandemic, I want midwives to get creative and look at the positives this situation has presented for their practices. It is giving us an opportunity to review our policies, cleaning procedures, and safety protocols around infection transmission. Midwifery care is being sought after all over the country as families are realizing that hospital truly mean “sick house.” Online resources have really made caring for families and connecting with each other so much easier than ten years ago. We are able to do virtual visits, conference calls, and continuing education.

Take the time and appreciate what positive things you have going on in your life. Even though much of the country is still in lock down and having unprecedented economic stand still, we are healthy, have our families, and the amazing opportunities to provide families a safe option to deliver their babies in. Midwives are going to shine in 2020: YEAR OF THE MIDWIFE. Take this situation and see how you can help your community, your family, and pregnant women looking for answers to protecting themselves. You are an expert in normal birth and bring back options for care that weren’t available

We are warriors and have been supporting women for thousands of years during many prior pandemics and plagues. Keep to your mission and why you became a midwife. Support families and provide a respectful, safe environment to grow their families.