10 Best Midwife Business Ideas Revolving around the Holidays

10 Best Midwife Business Ideas Revolving around the Holidays

When life is so busy around the Holidays with work and personal life, marketing tends to get a back burner approach. This is a great time to give back to your community as a last minute tax write off donation while marketing your brand. Send past clients Christmas cards and give that special touch that most doctor’s offices aren’t doing for their patients. Here is a list of 30 marketing ideas specifically towards the Christmas season!

1. Christmas cards to staff and past clients: have entire staff sign the cards and personalize them to families names. Find a picture from delivery on file to bring back beautiful memories to families to place in the cards.

2. 2020 practice magnets to mail current clients and dispense to local business community to have at the office: Calendars on fridges are a great way for your name to be noticed whenever someone wants to know the date

3. Christmas party for staff and past clients: great way to get together and catch up in a more casual environment. Do a presentation at the Christmas party of a new recommendation for care or additional services that will be offered with practice starting in 2020.

4. Personalized cookie trays to local businesses: I love bringing chiropractor offices, doctor offices, and massage therapy offices couple dozen homemade cookies to give thanks for past referrals and collaboration efforts.

5. Email chain Christmas card to any affiliated person or business to the practice. A nice card virtually with a small update on services is a great way for past clients to start thinking about schedule another annual due in 2020 and remind businesses what your practice is all about!

6. Sponsor a family in need. Many communities and Churches have a list of families struggling around the Holidays. Do something good and provide their family gifts for Christmas. Good deeds go along way with promoting your midwifery mission to help women and their families.

7. Do staff Christmas caroling together. It will be great for team building and giving back to the community. Make some really cute midwife holiday shirts for everyone to match and promote your practice.

8. Give away a free birth to a women who was nominated by community that would normally not have been able to afford your services. Have a big Facebook advertisement about promoting a friend wanting your care and tell their birth story. It will get great “likes, shares, & promotions.”

9. “Merry Midwifery Christmas” Do a count down for Christmas on your Facebook page and put did you know facts about midwifery and your practice’s services. Do weekly giveaways to pamper your client community and create awareness for your cause at the same time!

10. Make too much money this year and need to find tax write offs? Take advantage of buying bulk advertising material to use in upcoming year as a business write off expense prior to January 1, 2020. Stock pile brochures, business cards, flyers, update website with a marketing company, and staff sweats