Value of Relationship: Have your Midwife Business Grow Quickly

Value of Relationship: Have your Midwife Business Grow Quickly

Value of Relationship

Relationships are very powerful in your personal and professional life. It isn’t how much you know, but who you know. Henry Ford created an empire from his pool of resources versus his personal knowledge. Connections get you the best deals, first awareness before mass public of a sale, and first referral to your practice if personal relationships are present.

Spend the personal time investing in people. Network and learn about other people’s businesses, needs, and personal goals. If you can create value for another person, they will bring you value ten folds to your ventures.

Best real estate deals are put on public market, they are sold within a network of established investors. Best jobs aren’t posted on Indeed, but given to the “friend of a friend” connection. Wholesale bargains for products aren’t given to online customers, it is given to colleagues.

Rich get richer, because their kids get inside scoop on trade options, business venture proposals, and access to an elite relationship resource their parents have established. With midwifery and business ventures, learn your hospital administration staff in community, doctors that may collaborate or refer, attend local support groups, take the initiative to meet as many people as possible around midwifery world. Call local and national advocates of midwives and keep in touch with them. Meet with your government representatives and have them know your expertise and passion. Don’t just make connections when you want something. Create value ahead of time for members of the community and it will come back to you as so many levels.

I got many locum positions and jobs because of past connections. Having a good reputation with Obstetricians that never had a midwife practice before helps get internal advocates for your knowledge and skill set to get hospital privileges for transfers of your home birth practice. Locum contracts typically go to the network connection made in past versus a person online posting a resume. Referrals from past patients or networking done increases your patient volume more quickly. When a person can put a personal connection with your logo and brand name, more talk about your services occurs.

Interested in creating a large birth center franchise, having personal connections with someone that knows how to market, create a pristine business plan, have friends with money to invest in your venture, and followers that want to work for your vision practice will accelerate your wealth and success. Money isn’t an option when you have enough relationships that believe in your cause. When there is money to be made, funds to create your business (no matter if is $100,000 or $10 million start up) are easily accessible.

Legislature changes supporting midwifery occur when people meet with Senators, deliver babies of Presidents, or past clients write letters to Congress about their personal experience with midwifery care. Your followers are loyal and will advocate for you during many side talks that need your mission’s voice present. I have seen amazing connections open doors that midwives didn’t even know were an option.

I encourage midwives to join local maternity improvement committees like Michigan Midwives Association, Perinatal & Infant Mortality Committees, United States Breastfeeding Committee, local Chamber of Commerce, or Committee of Midwife Advocates. Having a group of people with a common cause learning about each other is essential to strengthen the end goal results of occurring. When your family learns about your dreams and passion, word is spread to help create that. I have had discounts on services at the birth center from past patients, products donated to practice from midwifery advocates, and business loans created from knowing the right people.

I regularly meet with my local bank President just in case I will need another business loan, real estate investment loan, or fall on hard times for a bit and need some inside relationship to waive fees and penalties present. I meet with doctors in my area even if I don’t need their direct collaboration. Knowing what there specialty is increases my referral basis to help care for patients. It is a two fold relationship. I so many referrals from people I have paid for lunch and talked with.

Knowing Director of Women’s Health care at local hospital helped get meetings with top administration I would never been able to create without that connection. Meeting with my local malpractice representative every 6 months with no claims in site helps me be proactive in negotiating best deals and hearing about available legal defense available in area that is the best of the best. I want a Master Mind Team of resources available and it takes time to create that. Have a positive image with professional services to your business before their services are needed. Anything is possible if you know the right people.