Ultrasound for Midwives and Advanced Practice Providers

Everything You Need to Know about point of care ultrasound


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Welcome to the forefront of point of care ultrasound technology tailored specifically for obstetrics and gynecology. Our comprehensive range of OB/GYN point-of-care ultrasound systems brings advanced imaging capabilities directly to the bedside, empowering healthcare professionals to make timely and accurate diagnoses with confidence.

Designed with the busy clinician in mind, our ultrasound systems offer exceptional portability, ease of use, and rapid image acquisition, making them ideal for point of care settings. Whether you’re conducting routine prenatal screenings, evaluating gynecological conditions, or assessing obstetric emergencies, our systems provide the imaging clarity and reliability you need to deliver high-quality care.

Equipped with intuitive user interfaces and customizable imaging presets, our OB/GYN point of care ultrasound systems streamline workflow and enhance efficiency, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your patients. With features such as advanced transducer technology, real-time imaging capabilities, and integrated Doppler functionality, our systems provide detailed visualization of fetal anatomy, reproductive organs, and pelvic structures, enabling confident decision-making at the point of care.

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