The Need for More Midwife Inventors in Maternal Healthcare

The Need for More Midwife Inventors in Maternal Healthcare

Maternal HealthCare

Midwives serve an important role in delivering necessary care to pregnant women and babies. Midwives are well-positioned to recognize issues and possibilities for innovation in the field of maternal healthcare since they advocate for safe and healthy birthing. 

There has been an increasing acknowledgment in recent years of the need for more midwife inventors who can build solutions to address the special requirements and problems encountered by midwives and their patients. In this blog article, we will look at the significance of midwife inventors and the potential influence of their inventions on maternal healthcare outcomes.

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Midwives are at the vanguard of maternal healthcare

Midwives are at the vanguard of maternal healthcare, caring for women and their families during their pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period. They have a thorough awareness of pregnant women’s and babies’ physiological and emotional requirements, and their skills and ideas can be essential in identifying areas where innovation is required. 

Midwives may play an important role in creating good change in maternal healthcare by proposing solutions that fill gaps in care, increase safety, and improve the overall experience for women and their families.

Midwife inventors may make a huge difference in designing novel instruments and technology that improve the quality and safety of birthing. There is a need, for example, for novel gadgets that aid in monitoring fetal heart rate, allowing for safe and timely interventions during childbirth. Midwives can also develop strategies to assist in the management of postpartum hemorrhage, which is a prominent cause of maternal death globally. Such inventions have the potential to save lives and improve maternal health outcomes.

Midwife inventors

We only have two in history: Malene Hegenberger with the Hegenberger Retractor ( and Marie-Anne Victoire Gillain Boivin, a French midwife, inventor, and obstetrics writer from the 1800s. Marie Boivin has been called one of the most influential women in medicine in the 19th century.

 Boivin invented a new pelvimeter and a vaginal speculum, and the medical textbooks that she wrote were translated into different languages and used for 150 years. Malene will be also known in our history books with the same level of caliber for improving maternal suturing techniques around the world!

Midwife inventors can help improve the whole experience of birthing for women and their families in addition to medical advancements. Innovative birthing aids that give comfort and support during labor, such as birthing balls, squatting stools, or other ergonomic gadgets that facilitate appropriate placement and movement during childbirth, are needed, for example.

Midwives can also create novel ways to provide maternal education and support, such as digital platforms, apps, or other tools that provide evidence-based information and resources to empower women and their families to make informed care decisions.

Furthermore, midwife inventors can play a critical role in resolving gaps in maternal healthcare outcomes, especially in vulnerable populations. They may create culturally sensitive, accessible, and inexpensive solutions to ensure that all women, regardless of background or financial level, have access to safe and high-quality care during pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period. In addition, midwife inventors can push for legislative changes and institutional reforms that enhance fairness and inclusion in maternal healthcare.

Obstacle Challenge

Despite the importance of midwife inventors in developing maternal healthcare, there remain obstacles to overcome. Midwives may confront challenges such as a lack of financing, resources, and support for their inventions. Bringing their innovations to the market may also present regulatory and administrative obstacles. Midwife inventors, with the correct assistance and acknowledgment, may overcome these obstacles and have a substantial influence on maternal healthcare.

All in all, midwife inventors play an essential role in fostering innovation and improving outcomes for pregnant women and babies in maternal healthcare. Their unique viewpoint, knowledge, and ideas can help to develop creative solutions to the requirements and issues that midwives and their patients encounter. It is critical to acknowledge and encourage midwife innovators’ contributions to maternal healthcare advancement and to ensure that their discoveries are adopted into clinical practice to benefit women and their families worldwide.

Let us work together to close the gap and empower more midwife inventors to effect good change in maternal healthcare. One of our consultants, Sandra Multiva, has a strong passion for expanding knowledge and business resources in our innovative midwifery developments.  Schedule a discovery call with her today if you want to learn how your big idea can become a reality!