The Big Leap

The Big Leap

 “The Big Leap.” 

It is a wonderful book by Gay Hendericks. The Big Leap is about changing your overall perspective, so you can embrace philosophy that’ll help you achieve your full potential in work, relationships, finance, and all other walks of life. I truly believe that every person can reach their ultimate potential in life. 

We are the only ones stopping us from creating that. When excuses are being made, we are allowing external forces determine our fate. “I don’t have the money to start a midwifery practice.” There is always money if the passion and mission is present. Investors, philanthropists, and banks will invest time and money into good causes and financially profitable businesses.

the big leap

“I don’t have the time. Life is crazy already with my family, kids, working long hours already, and day to day tasks. How would I add one more thing into each day?” Everyone has the same amount of hours in a day: 24. Why do some people seem to accomplish more than another? Each person’s routines, goals, and way time is utilized determines how productive each day is. Doing audio books instead of radio during a drive are simple changes to improve your personal development strategies. 

Reading has really opened my eyes to opportunities available in today’s amazing information age. I used to just read books that I was required to for school and courses I was taking to re-certify my license. The last three years, I have read and listened to hundreds of books by using that simple habit change of no radio to audio books when driving.

Take the “Big Leap!” Get out of your daily routine and push your personal limits. 

The glass ceiling is a real thing. We put on ourselves a subconscious limit of what we “think” we can accomplish in life. There are three key concepts I want everyone to take away from the “Big Leap” philosophy of life aimed at maximizing your potential.

  1. We don’t believe we deserve to be happy all the time, so we cap our levels of joy for no reason.
  2. Fear and self-sabotage are two common ceilings we can break through with the right attitudes and exercises.
  3. When it comes to work, we can be in four zones, but only one is worth shooting for.

Every midwife can build her dream practice. We can all serve families, change communities, live personal dreams, and accomplish ANYTHING. Stop being your one subconscious barrier to success. Dream and make big things happen with this short time on Earth called life.

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“If I cling to the notion that something’s not possible, I’m arguing in favor of limitations. And if I argue in favor of my limitations, I get to keep them.” – Gay Hendericks