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You deserve the freedom you crave!

It begins with a vision. Maybe you want to grow your impact. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Maybe the 9-5 (and those hours on call) aren’t really for you. I’m Ann Konkoly, MBA, MSN, APRN-CNM. I’m a speaker, writer & koach who supports women and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) as they kultivate change in their lives.



Online courses for midwives around clinical, business, and professional development

Our mission is to embrace the pursuit of excellence both inside and outside the midwifery education process through emphasis of midwifery autonomy and continual development of our business and clinical skills. We encourage midwives to challenge their current professional directions with resources and knowledge to support more families in their communities. Our online courses are user friendly, packed with resources to utilize with your practice, and life time access to easily reference later.


Midwife marketing made simple

Building Your Midwifery brand from basic to brilliant

Our services include extensive marketing packages that allow midwives to meet key aspects of marketing campaigns that are within anyone’s budget! We will help you fill gaps where midwives are at to where they want to be!



Augustine Colebrook, Midwife

Midwifery Wisdom Collective is a multifaceted resource for birth professionals. We have a team of highly qualified and compassionate birth professionals working together to serve and empower midwives around the globe. The Midwifery Wisdom Collective enhances the education and experience of the independent midwife in clinical practice through online and live courses, individual coaching, and group mentoring. Midwifery Wisdom Collective is the premier resource for Clinical Education,​ Business Consulting, Practice Management, Film Production,​ Contracts and Consents, Innovative Equipment, Legal Counseling and On-call Experts.


ultrasound trainings

national experts in online and in person trainings

What sets us apart is our team of dedicated experts, comprised of seasoned ultrasound professionals, educators, & industry leaders. With years of experience, they bring a wealth of practical knowledge and a deep understanding of the evolving healthcare landscape. Together, we have crafted a curriculum that blends theoretical insights with hands-on training, ensuring our students are well-prepared to meet the demands of a rapidly advancing industry.


Journey to midwifery


Midwives listen to others, we experience and hear the birth stories, the glorious and the traumatic. We are always listening. Every now and then, someone will ask, how did you become a midwife, or WHY did you become a midwife? If you really want to hear their stories, they are all here! I’m just your every day, introverted, reasonable-hippie mom on a mission to tell some stories. When people ask me why or how I do it, my answer is this: “MY MISSION IS GREATER THAN MY FEAR”

– Amber Wilson, CEO Journey to Midwifery


midwifing the midwives

comprehensive midwifery resource center

Our services include extensive marketing packages that allow midwives to meet key aspects of marketing campaigns that are within anyone’s budget! We will help you fill gaps where midwives are at to where they want to be!




searching for a high quality bookkeeping that deeply understands midwifery care?

Let’s be realistic, is your bookkeeping really a top priority in your business? Do you know how to do it correctly (or have you hired office staff, hoping for the best)? Do you put tracking your income and expenses off, scrambling at tax time and sweating because you can’t remember if you got all your deductible expenses captured and you are just hoping you never get audited?

Imagine a world where bookkeeping wasn’t another burden. Imagine knowing exactly how much you are making, where your money is going each month and having the confidence to make the best decisions for your business. A world where you didn’t sweat tax time – because you know your books are up-to-date and accurate.

Abundant Life Bookkeeping



Since 1987 we've supplied thousands of birthing pools to hospitals world-wide and helped millions of women have better births.

We are dedicated to providing intelligently designed birthing pools that deliver superior safety, value and performance in the most practical, cost-effective and sustainable way.



Improve Postpartum Suturing of Vaginal Tears

Malene Hegenberger, Nurse Midwife, knew there was another way to support women during vaginal repairs. Over her years as a clinician, she had repeatedly wondered if there was an instrument that could hold the vagina open throughout, as this would provide a better opportunity for diagnosing, reducing pain for the patient and significantly shortening the entire procedure. Her vision became a reality! The Hegenberger Speculum enables a better overview of tears, better working conditions for clinicians and a better patient experience.



World Class Online Suturing Training

Looking for the best in the world online suturing training? There is so much available for the price! The membership includes evidence based visual guides, conference lectures, live webinars, and over 1000+ videos!!! Don’t wait another second to test the platform with a no obligation, FREE 7 day trial period.



Amazing Online Course for Preventing and Managing Midwifery Burnout

This course was designed by Madeline Murray, CPM with you in mind to help you not only create a long-lasting and fulfilling midwifery career but also to regain a happy and healthy personal life. Earning you 10 MEAC approved CEU’s, this comprehensive online program will cover what sustainable midwifery practice means, why sustainable midwifery practice is crucial to the health of women in America today, and how to create sustainability in your own practice and community. Self-paced and including exercises on self-awareness, goal setting, boundary setting, stress relief, business planning and so much more, Believe in Midwifery’s Guide to Sustainable Practice will help make #sustainablemidwifery a reality for you. Use code MBC15OFF to get 15% off this course!


Birth center Academy

We World needs more birth centers

We love helping get more birth centers around the world! This team of international midwifery consultants put together onlin and in-person trainings to help anyone start or improve their birth center practice. They also support with specialized consulting services. 

1. American College of Nurse Midwives
2. Midwives Alliance of North America
3. American Midwifery Certification Board
4. National Association of Certified Professional Midwives
5. Midwifery Education Accreditation Council
6. Renatus (financial education)
1. Messmer Marketing (marketing)
2. Midwives Advantage (billing)
3. Birth Rights Bar (legal support)
4. Birth Monopoly (legal support)
5. KKOS Lawyers (legal support)
6. Grow Midwives (business support)
7. Midwifery Wisdom Collective (business support)
8. Call the Accountant

9. Abundant Life Bookkeeping

1. Believe in Midwifery (professional burnout)
2. Authentic Koaching, LLC (life coaching)
3. Your Highest Light (life coaching)
4. Journey to Midwifery (podcast)
6. A Midwife Nation
7. Empowering Midwifery Education
8. HiveCE (online continuing education courses)

9. Abundant Life Bookkeeping

1. American Association of Birth Centers
2. Commission for Accreditation of Birth Centers
3. Evidence Based Birth
7. MANA Conferences
1. GynZone (suturing training)
2. Hegenberger Speculum
3. Ultrasound for Midwives (training)
4. Water Birth International (training)
5. Water Birth Solutions
6. Your Water Birth
8. Birth Pool in a Box

9. Abundant Life Bookkeeping