Power of Positive Thinking: Midwife Business Owner Secret Weapon

Power of Positive Thinking: Midwife Business Owner Secret Weapon

Power of Positive Thinking

It’s been proven time and time again that if you think in a positive manner, you will have positive results. But how do you fully cultivate the power of positive thinking? We are born with this innate desire to be happy and grateful. How does our society create so much fear and uncertainty into us as we age?

Power of Positive thinking

When people are positive, it shines through their bodies. Stressful situations aren’t perceived as “so bad.” It is easier to see the solution to a problem when your mind is in a positive state. You know people out there that look at the “glass always half empty versus half full.” Everything is always wrong and negative comments are always coming out of their mouths. Do you want to be around that person much? Do you feel your energy being sucked out of you just being around them?

Truth About the Power of Positive Thinking.

 When you create a midwife business, there will definitely be challenges and road blocks to overcome. There is a reason 90% of businesses end first five years of opening. Most of it has to do with endurance and plans are present during the “hard times.”

Midwives that are positive emit this energy that people want to be around. There client customer base increases faster, consults go really well, networking is easy when everyone “just wants to be around you.” Positive thinking creates wealth and prosperity (not just financial wealth). Your mind thinks more clearly when stress isn’t present. Your view points and surrounding is easier to analyze. Memorizing names, pertinent information, and people’s stories is less challenging when positive energy is present.

I had to take professional courses to retrain my mind not to be so negative. I would always have excuses, make negative comments, and always complain about situations. I didn’t take personal accountability for situations I was in or try to fix what was making me unhappy. I was comfortable being in this state of mind. I didn’t realize how damaging it was to my soul and health until I took personal development courses.

Being in a Positive State Takes Practice and Habit Forming Tactics.

 Once you smile more often, having more empathy and compassion, and keep in perspective the good in everything, life goes great and the situation may not have even changed! Our minds are very powerful things. We can have the same situation occur to two different people and be perceived completely different. Psychology has also become one of my self taught topics. The power of one’s mind on diseases, success, wealth, and happiness all lie within ourselves.

We live in a society where blame and excuses are common. Entitlement makes people not want to earn things, but expect things. “Just Be Happy” slogan really says it best. When there is a smile on your face and positive outlook on life, gratitude and personal peace explodes through your life. I am not saying it will solve all of life’s problems, but it will allow you to figure out solutions versus have a “solo pity party.”