Platinum Rule: Powerful Tool for Midwifery Business

Platinum Rule: Powerful Tool for Midwifery Business


Powerful Tool for Midwifery Business

When meeting with a client for the first time, having a potential new midwife interview, or running your monthly staff meeting, a powerful tool for midwifery business always remember to treat people with kindness and respect. Don’t focus so much on how you would like to be talked to, listen to the word out of other people’s mouths and then you can understand how they want to be treated.

Platinum Rule: Powerful Tool for Midwifery BusinessPeople that constantly talk about number, policies, wanting proof are validator personalities and need that style of communication. They want the facts, data tables, hard references from where your opinions are coming from. Women that want to use their hands, be interactive, and like visual aids do great with Power point slides. Standing up and doing simulations really tap into their learning method. Learn your clients and teams style of importance and focus on that when presenting ideas and educational material.

Create Personal Value

The Drive system by Woody Woodward really goes into details what each person’s personality type is and how to motivate people based on their internal needs. It will strengthen your position in a discussion by having someone connect the topic of discussion with their personal value.

Midwives are more likely to get a consult to stay with them for prenatal care if these internal motives are being tapped. Many times the women is driven by very different motives than her partner. You need to present your first impression with a strong connection to each family member’s internal values.

Staff will stay with practice longer when value creation using their personal drives are being met. Some people really value community and relationships with colleagues. If your practice is small, private and mostly done as home visits, that midwife will have a harder time staying for the long haul. During an interview, learn how to pick up on each person’s internal values and wants. It will make getting the great midwives easier for your team.

Tips for Writing a Midwifery Business Plan is a course we created using our own experience in the industry.