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Midwifery and Birth Center Regulations

We are so excited to have this course made and available for midwives. It is an hour course about midwifery and birth center regulations. We dive into every state midwifery scope of practice, birth center regulations, educational pathways, and extensive resources showing you all the states current rules and guidelines in place. This course is great for any aspiring midwife or someone considering moving or starting a private practice wanting to really understanding what they do for practice and the type of birth center they can set up!

Creating an Accurate Fee Schedule

​It is so important to create an accurate charge to clients for your services. Most midwives will see what the competition is charging in the area and do the average of their current community standards. I encourage each and every midwife to get an accurate fee schedule made. It is VITAL for short and long term success of your practice. Spend time looking at your income and expense trends, what overhead budgets you would like added into your practice like a new partner or retirement benefits, and create your customized fee schedule that reflects what your practice needs are, not your competitions usual standards. We go step by step how to create your own charges for the services you offer!

Common Tax Deductions for Birth Professionals

There are so many tax deductions available for midwives. It is one of the most commonly missed business tools to save you time and money. Quit tipping the government and learn all the different ways you can lower your taxable income for yourself and your business!

Marketing Your Midwifery Practice

Have you ever wondered about all the different ways a midwife can market their practice? We have put together an extensive list of low and high end budget opportunities that midwives can take advantage of in any stage of their practice’s success!

How to Start Online a Education Business

Today, you can start a business on just about anything. Whether you are a midwife, doula, lactation consultant, or childbirth educator, you have the option to open your own online education business. Each person has unique skills, knowledge, and experiences that others can learn from! Whether you are looking for a side hustle, replacement income stream, or retirement hobby, we can show you how to make a successful online education business.

Preventing and Recovering from Midwifery Burnout

1-hour online course on managing stress and preventing burnout. We go over different types of work stressors common to midwives and other healthcare professionals. Learn about creating a healthy workplace setting, the effects of stress on the body, and symptoms of burnout. Identify individual and practice prevention strategies and actions for responding to burnout.

Second Degree Vaginal Repair Training

Sara Kindberg is an internationally known midwife that has a PhD in suturing research. Her recorded one hour live training goes over second degree vaginal repair techniques. Please share with colleagues so we can all learn from Sara’s suturing wisdom. Check out her website and another great platform for full scope suturing training, GynZone.