Merry Christmas from Midwifery Business Consultation

Merry Christmas from Midwifery Business Consultation

This past year has been an exciting one! Our services have been helping many midwives for one full year now. Many states are getting midwifery licensure, birth center regulations, more public advocacy than ever before! We are in an exciting time of change. Health care, especially maternity care, is expensive and containing too many interventions. Midwives and birth centers have a monumental time to promote normalcy and cost effective care. Low risk, healthy women need midwives and birth center promoted in their area. Hospital are a great option if you are sick, but most women just need support and a care provider that has training for “just in case situations.”

Take your midwifery business to the next level this year. Serve more families, make more efficient processes for staff, brand your image even more so mothers looking for you can find what you offer. We have an obligation to make our services known! Take your business classes so you are utilizing all the tax benefits available to business owners. Read a few billing books and learn all the billable codes that cover a midwife in all birth settings to increase revenue to your practice.

Find some great personal development audio books like Tony Robins and Miracle Morning while driving to home visits and births. Hire the right staff to morph your team into an unstoppable catalyst of change. Build practice guidelines and policies to improve community among team for better outcomes.

I hear too many midwives burning out and not being able to keep their doors open from the current demands of health care. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU AT MIDWIFERY BUSINESS CONSULTATION! We can change that. Midwife businesses can be life fulfilling, create work-life balance, and profitable. I would love to show you how that is possible. It has been a year since our doors have opened and helped so many midwives, birth supporters like doulas and childbirth educators promote women empowerment and normal birth! Continue to campaign with us and improve your business strategic plan.

Our practice is just as much for midwives considering opening their own practice and feeling too secure with hospital position or fear of business unknowns. There are so many myths about how hard it is to run your own business versus work for someone else. It is true that 90% of start up businesses in first fives of opening close. Many close for reasons like professional burnout, increased expenses and enough profits to keep the lights on. Know how to handle the highs and lows of business demands and income streams. Beat the odds and fulfill your lifelong vision of owning a midwifery practice! Merry Christmas and enjoy your family!