Marketing your Midwife Business using Facebook

Marketing your Midwife Business using Facebook

Facebook Marketing

There are many great ways to market your midwifery business. Spend some time learning about your options. Some costs money, some are just time consuming. If you are starting out your practice or wanting to take it to the next level, I strongly encourage you to look into Facebook marketing. You can have a page dedicated to your business. Your personal page can be mixed with family pictures, appreciation posts, and business updates. Anything is possible with online marketing. I have seen great following happen when people just starting offering advice and posting daily about their business updates.

Women love their midwives (even years after practice is ended). Use your leverage and support midwives in the community. Your business doesn’t need any money for marketing. Boosting posts with funds is helpful, but not required. This tool is helpful, because you can target specific populations that the paid posts will go towards like females aged 25-35. Make some regular posts (can be easily done in a group, but timed to come out every few days on your Facebook page). 

Increasing your likes will only help your credibility

Mix up education, empowerment, and questions to community for regular shares and engagement. Increasing your likes will only help your credibility. Doing a giveaway where pasts clients put testimonials on your Facebook page will greatly improve your power.

Your shares will reach new potential customers in the community. Be mindful of patient’s personal information or posting things about patients with practice. Get in writing any permission for stories or pictures before sharing them on your site. Personal pictures and stories are the most powerful tools to use. Most ladies are more than happy to help promote their midwife using birth stories and adorable baby pictures.

You could always put a simple post out getting past clients to post their own comments to promote your center like, “Today is our one year anniversary. We have had thirty beautiful births with our birth center. If anyone want to post their birth stories or baby pictures from their experiences, we would love to hear from you.”

Linking your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts will make marketing easier. 

Posting an update on one location will automatically feed into other advertising portal instantly for you. Create positive, helpful comments will market your practice far more than listing the services you offer and “specials you are currently running.” Women follow inspiration, especially when it comes to birth and knowing there are options available.

Make Wednesday “Wisdom Wednesday” and have followers posts their questions and have midwife team answer. Maybe posts a health topic for community to answer and create engagement that way. Try to avoid topics that are more likely to be controversial like vaccinations, circumcision, and elective cesarean sections. Our goals is to create a positive discussion, not have virtual arguments making other uncomfortable reading your Facebook Page.

Use the power of personalized care in an assembly line maternity system to your advantage. Facebook is constantly checked on everyone’s phones, computers, and tablets. Keep them updated with the exciting things happening at your practice and future plans. It will come back ten folds with clients to see in the office.

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