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Compound Effect: Creating your Midwife Business on Step at a Time Another inspirational book was the “Compound Effect.” It really got down

Creating a Collaborating Relationship in your Midwife Business Some midwives have a challenge finding good collaborating doctors for referrals. There are many

Training a Midwife Birth Assistant In out of hospital births, having a reliable, competent assistant is HUGE!!! NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program) recommends

Creating a Hospital Midwifery Practice Most people are familiar with CNMs that deliver in the hospital setting. Hospitals are where most Americans

Emotional Fingerprint: Powerful Midwife Business Marketing Tool There are many resources and guides out there. This one particular has done leaps and

To Be In or Out of Network: That is the Midwife Business Question As a midwife, you have the option to have