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  Search Engine Optimization (SEO), will allow you to drive more organic traffic to the website, and if done correctly, will improve

Business Entity For Midwifery Business

Are you thinking of starting a midwifery practice but is unsure which business entity would be best. It is important to emphasize

Massive Paradigm Shift in Midwifery Business

A paradigm shift in business is often a change of perception or method. A business’s long-term success depends on its ability to react

Effective Communication Strategies For Midwives

What is Effective Communication?   Effective communication is key to all clinical care, particularly in the maternity services, where there may be

Financial Planning For Midwives

Financial planning is not a commodity but a method. Financial planning is a long-term strategy to intelligently manage your money. It will help

Legal Defense Tips for Midwives

  Legal defense plays a very important role in the life of every midwife and other healthcare professionals. Why so? Because in