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Risk management is a key component of midwifery. It is the systematic scientific identification, examination, and control of any potential or real

To succeed in midwifery industry today, you must be adaptable and possess strong organizing and planning skills. Many people start a midwifery

Evidence-based practice (EBP), is the application or translation of research findings into our day-to-day patient care practices and clinical decision making. It

By Mandy Froelich, Black Hills Financial Planning Being a midwife entrepreneur isn’t easy. You are your own boss – yes. But that also

‘Midwifing the midwives’ addressing the empowerment, safety of, and respect for, the world’s midwives.   Introduction and context   Globally, the impact

Here at Midwifery Business Consultation, we are happy to announce an amazing development! Our team has grown to include highly qualified and