Interested in Starting Your own Midwifery Practice?

Interested in Starting Your own Midwifery Practice?

Starting your own midwifery practice

Starting your own midwifery practice can be a rewarding and fulfilling venture, but it requires careful planning, preparation, and consideration of various aspects. 

Want to be your own boss and be the final decision maker of policies, and community services you will offer, or have money directly going into your pocket from care versus flat salary? Being a private business owner has many benefits with taxes, financial freedom, the sole purpose of midwifery care, and so much more.

Starting your own midwifery practice

Starting your own midwifery practice, you can run a birth centerhome birth practicewomen’s health clinic, hospital-based practice, consultation services, or locum assignment for another practice to fill their short-term needs. You can even do niche services like breastfeeding support, pelvic floor rehabilitation, primary care, hormonal replacement therapy, or geriatric care. And even run multiple businesses at once.

Be sure to note whether you want to be a business owner or self-employed

Would you like to work for your earned income from services or hire employees to do the work and make profits running a business? The big advantage of creating a business ownership position is with a well-run entity, passive income will continue to come in whether you are on vacation, sleeping, or sick. Self-employment funds only keep coming in if the work happens. As soon as you directly stop seeing patients, money will stop.

I have run and worked for many practices. I worked for a private practice, hospital-based practice, home birth practice, and community clinics. I owned my own home birth practice, birth center practice, locum contracts with hospitals, consultation in creating a midwifery practice at the community hospital, and a women’s health clinic. My skills include scheduling, billing, marketing, training staff, creating policies, starting a business entity, continuing legal paperwork, and so much more.

Creating the dream business

My mission is to help other midwives (Certified Nurse Midwives, Certified Midwives, Certified Professional Midwives, Direct Entry Midwives, and Lay Midwives) create the business they have always dreamed about. There are so many hurdles and limited resources for business ownership, specifically for midwifery practices. Many midwives don’t even know the possibilities of their business ownership options.

Creating value for the community, clinics, families, and other providers in the area is the key to making a successful business. Learn what makes you happy being a midwife. Do you like to attend births (what most people think of as a midwife practice)? Do you have a young family or close to retiring and want to sleep at night? Consider running a consultation service from your years of experience to help others get started or start a typical office-hour clinic.

Is your passion urinary incontinence? 

A pelvic floor maintenance program can be your forte. Get some additional training about billing specifics and the equipment you need to run that aspect of women’s health care services. Network and learn what the demands are in your area based on what you want to do, not what you have to do! That is the biggest perk of running your own place. You can decide what your business will do to serve women and their families best.

Please subscribe to our newsletter and keep watching for future posts. We will be discussing all the details of running a practice (marketing, legal entity choices, billing, budgeting, short-term and long-term goal-making, supplies, and the birth center accreditation process, to name a few topics). We have resources, example policies, sample marketing material, and more on the site to help with running a practice. Midwives need to stand up for their full capacity, including running their own businesses locally and nationally. I look forward to being the resource that midwives can turn to in create their dream practice.

We created the course, Tips for Running a Successful Midwifery Practice, to teach you all you need to know about being a midwife. 


Leslie Cornwell, CNM