If you Build it, They will Come

If you Build it, They will Come

If you Build it, They will Come Working in your dream businessI know it is a little corny to quote Kevin Costner’s classic, “Field of Dreams.” There is a couple of key parts of this analogy I want to stress. Midwifery care is in demand and your practice will be very busy with time. Creating the structure and flow to keep up with the demands is more of the challenge than getting clients.

Secondly, create an online presence using search engine optimization so people can find you when looking. You may have the best thing since sliced bread but won’t make any money if no one knows you even exist. “Field of Dreams” is a metaphor to creating your soul purpose in a business that others can enjoy with you.

With the invention of the internet, businesses can have a worldwide presence like never before at a fraction of past advertising costs. Preach your mission on your website, blog posts, Facebook posts, Twitter, business networking groups, LinkedIn, and local event postings.

Hire a local marketing company or someone within your team that will just focus on branding your desired image. There are many cost-effective marketing tools available that can hit the masses. Do your research and find out what people in your local area are searching for.

Is pregnancy, birth, midwife, water birth, birth control, pregnancy test, or obstetrician common google search words. Creating content on your website directly around those searches gets Google to place your business name higher on the searched list. Make sure Google Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and other contact registries have consistent addresses and phone numbers for your practice.

Even if one address has word “street” spelled out while another site has word abbreviated to “st” will affect how accurate and reliable your information is to searching in Google. Spend some time in beginning of start up phase getting all content consistent throughout the world wide web, so consumers can find what they are looking for: YOU!