Covid-19 Long Term Changes

Covid-19 Long Term Changes

Covid-19 Long Term Changes

It will take around two years for a vaccination or herd immunity to occur with Covid-19. The social distancing and personal protection equipment are our new normal. So much has happened in such a short amount of time. Midwives have had a massive increase in out of hospital birth demands, increase business overhead costs for staff personal protection equipment, and increase red tapes to go through for insurance reimbursement of care.

Preparing Your Midwifery Business for Covid-19 Long Term Changes

Midwives need more than ever strong business models to handle all of these drastic changes. The administration overhead will continue to increase with phone call, patient questions, high costs of supplies, and barriers with getting products due to limited shipping international options.

Practice Being In Demand

Our practices are in higher demand with families wanting to avoid hospital deliveries. There is a growing shortage of midwives from burnout and hospitals taking Medical Students or Physician Assistants instead of CNMs. We need to stand together more than ever to get through this health care uncertainty wave. 

Our health care system is on the brink of collapse. Midwives are a minority with limited massive reserves like large health care systems to weather this storm. There will only be so much money handed out by the government to help Small Business and we need to utilize our skills and resources to make it out on top of this pandemic.

I want all midwives to start thinking about their current professional situation. Are you a Certified Nurse Midwife working in a hospital setting that doesn’t give proper protective equipment to care for patients? Are there policies implemented that aren’t based on evidence, but CDC guidelines that change daily? 

Are the visitor policies and separation of mothers and babies to extreme in your area? Want to start your own private practice, but unsure where to start? Been considering becoming a Certified Professional Midwife and train to help fill the current demands?

Available Resources

Our resources, online courses, and consultation services are there to help midwives start their own home birth or birth center practices, improve their business’ bottom line, increase revenue reimbursement with insurance companies, and improve skills of their birth team to improve patient safety and decrease business liability risk.

 There are so many things to think about with Covid-19 and many midwives are really questioning their role in all of this. Find your soul purpose and reason why you became a midwife. Focus on that passion and drive for fulfilling your dreams. These changes are only the beginning of a whole new health care world we will be part of. Be part of the positive change and support families with your own private midwifery practice.

This course Covid Care Tips for Midwives has been created to provide crucial knowledge whether you’ve been practicing since before the pandemic or are just starting out in this career.