Birth Center Course

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This course is worth 7.5 ACNM CEU's & 0.85 MEAC CEU's

What is a Birth Center?


A birth center is a health care facility dedicated to childbirth where midwifery care is provided. More women are wanting an out of hospital birth but can’t do it at home. Opportunities for midwives to work outside of the hospital setting is increasing with the growing demand for alternative birth settings. As an entrepreneur midwife who plans on starting a birth center, it’s critical you have all the education and information you need to build a successful practice. Midwifery Business Consultation offers online courses for starting a midwife birth center!

There are many important factors to understand when embarking on a new business venture. Starting a birth center requires assessing the community’s needs to determine the right business location and structure for your birth center. Starting a birth center requires higher initial funding costs than a home birth or hospital midwifery practice. Our business mentors can help decide if buying, leasing, renting, or building the center will be most beneficial for your initial investment.

We have experienced consultants and business courses that provide critical information and valuable details to save time and money while providing the resources needed to make your midwife birth center profitable. At Midwifery Business Consultation, we have replicable elements such as products, staffing models, and facility designs, as well as management, business, and clinical support systems to set you up for success and long-term growth.

Our experts will help you accelerate your business, so you don’t have to waste time and money remaking tools, templates, policies, and procedures. You’ll get assistance in meeting state and national accreditation requirements. Plus, our team will share information regarding optimized business structure, strategy, and industry knowledge for lasting sustainability.

If you’re seriously considering starting a midwife birth center, Midwifery Business Consultation will set you up on the right path! Our birth center online courses provide entrepreneurs an understanding of business, accounting, financing, marketing, negotiating, contracting, and more. Call us today to learn how you can start a successful midwife birth center!

Extensive 8 Month Birth Center Planning Pathway Now Available!

We have spent many months creating this COMPREHENSIVE step by step birth center business implementation strategy to open ANY birth center around the United States!  We go deep into every aspect of planning to make sure you aren’t missing anything with creating a strong foundation to your business!



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