Benefits of Athena Health EHR System for Midwifery Business

Benefits of Athena Health EHR System for Midwifery Business

Benefits of Athena Health EHR System for Midwifery Business

I want to start this post with stressing I am not getting paid by Athena Health to write this post. I have used many electronic medical record systems over the last fifteen years. I have used Cerner, Centricity, Epic, Maternity Motherhood, Athena Health, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, GE Healthcare, and MEDITECH. 

I have found Athena Health to fit all the needs of a midwife (customizable charting system to unique midwifery needs, billing insurance claims within your EMR system, auditing systems, patient portal, customizable scheduling systems, patient reminder options, statements, payment directly to the system versus office, and so much more! The patient reminder calls and patient payment options can be a real, professional person or automated (depending on your needs and desires for the practice). 

The best part about Athena is the understanding of small private practice needs. The cost to start up is minimal compared to other large EMR systems and a flat monthly commission from funds received. It is affordable. There is a big different when an EMR system is being paid on successful patient payments versus flat monthly rate. If we don’t get paid as midwives, they don’t get paid!

Athena Health has phenomenal customer support while you are getting going and growing your practice. They help with credentialing with insurance companies (you can choose to be in or out of network), add birth center facility charges for your birth center, and help keep an “eye” on claims with you. We work as a team to chart notes, select best diagnosis codes, order recommendations for diagnosis looking into, and claim submissions. This system will not submit a claim if there are errors on the claims and gives easy to understand tips or contact information for support services if trouble submitting orders or charges. 

Referrals are a breeze! I can fax my specialists like Obstetricians or Pediatricians whatever portion of the chart I desire and keep an electronic record of that interaction. Labs, ultrasound results, and other tests can be automatically faxed to the Athena system and placed within patient’s chart for midwife to review. 

Patient portals are great to interact electronically being HIPAA compliant instead of using text or emails. The patients can be more accountable with their own health care by seeing test results same time as the midwife, send messages to the midwife that now become part of the recorded chart to respond to, and link educational tools for each gestational age of the pregnancy. 

I have saved so much time and money using Athena Health for independent midwifery care compared to other EMR systems over the years. There is no pressure to talk with a representative in your state and attend an interactive tour of the system. Please connect with Athena Health today and mention Midwifery Business Consultation recommendations helped you look into their amazing EMR system.