About Leslie

Leslie Cornwell

Becoming a midwife has been a life long dream.  I didn't realize that this wonderful profession would lead me down the path of business.  I have found over the years that midwives need to understand business, accounting, financing, marketing, negotiating, and so much more to be successful in today's health care system.  I love supporting women. By being able to participate in leadership roles and create amazing private practices, I can support midwives just as much as the pregnant women they care for!  I am passionate about women's empowerment and women business ownership.  We can serve families best with independent successful midwifery practices. 

I have had over 16yrs experience in health care.  I have worked in hospitals, birth centers, and home settings.  I have worked for large non-profit hospitals, small community hospitals, privately run birth centers, hospital owned birth centers, and my own home birth / birth center practice.  Being able to understand the business and financial side of midwifery has really shown me how much easier a midwife practice can be profitable and successful in today's health care ever changing climate.

Let me help you start your own practice or improve the current midwifery business you are struggling with.  I have years of billing, accounting, contracting, business plan writing, and midwifery clinical expertise to make your midwifery practice thrive no matter what stage it is in!  Whether you want a small home birth practice, large birth center practice, or booming hospital midwifery practice, I can provide guidance, support, and resources to make your midwifery practice dreams a reality!


About Us

Hospital Practice


 Do you want to improve outcomes and lower cesarean rates with mothers? HIRE MIDWIVES! I’ve worked with large hospital practices, community based practices, and private practices with hospital privileges. I know that midwifery care can serve in any setting.  I have helped midwifery practices improve revenue reimbursement, implement laborists models, and start midwifery model of care into their maternity system. 

Birth Center Practice


 Are you thinking about working towards accreditation? National accreditation is a prestigious licensure, but it does take a lot of time, money, and expertise to get your policies and protocols up to national standards. Many states have regulation requirements that you should fully understand before creating a birth center facility. 

Home Birth Practice


 Wanting to start out small and private?  Home birth practice gives midwives the most autonomy possible, but requires extensive business background to be successful.  I have run a successful out of hospital midwifery practice and I would love to pass on what I have learned.  There is a lot to think about and plan when starting your own practice and we are here to help you in with the process!